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Warrensburg Air Show

Too Close

Two planes fly in close formation at the Warrensburg air show.

In September I had the opportunity to shoot an air show in Warrensburg, Missouri. The air show was a small community show put on by the University of Central Missouri. Because of the show’s small size I was able to get up close and personal to the performing aircraft. As an added bonus the weather cooperated this time, and I didn’t have to worry about heavy cloud cover complicating things like at last year’s Alliance Air Show in Dallas.

Alliance Air Show 2012 Photography


An F-18 fighter jet making a high speed turn at the 2012 Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth, Texas.

In October I had the opportunity to see the Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth, Texas. The show had a number of great aircraft performers from various time periods, and featured the USAF Thunderbirds for the finale. I was excited to take my DSLR along to snag some photos of the show. Unfortunately, an unexpected cold front the night before created awful weather conditions for the show.