Reauthored YouTube Video
The iPad 3 Case video I produced for ReAuthored.

Last year I started an internship at a local business, ReAuthored. ReAuthored hand makes cases for digital devices, like iPads and Kindles, out of recycled hardback books. The owners of ReAuthored brought me on to assist them with digital marketing.

I have been given a variety of assignments in my internship, from designing business cards to improving website SEO, but my favorite project so far has been making the ReAuthored iPad 3 Case video. The owners of ReAuthored wanted a simple, informative video that showcased their most popular product, the ReAuthored iPad 3 case. My only instruction was to create a video that showed what the case looked like, and exactly how it worked.

I was working on a $0 budget, so we were pretty limited with what we could do with it. I handled everything on the project from start to finish. I used ReAuthored’s owners, JC and Maha Holmes, as my actors, and everything was recorded at their workshop. The video was filmed on my Canon T2i with a few different lenses and edited on Final Cut Pro 7.

Overall, I was happy with the final product. It was short and to the point. The owners were so happy with my work that they’ve decided they want me to do another video that should be released soon.


Update, January 2014: Unfortunately, this video is no longer available for streaming online. For more information, or to see a sample of this video, feel free to contact me.